America's Leading Employers on Trade

Mark Costa, Eastman Chemical

"The top priority for policymakers should be maintaining and strengthening NAFTA so American business, workers and consumers can continue to reap the benefits of trade with our two largest trading partners, Canada and Mexico."

Rich Lesser, BCG

"When America helps shape trade agreements, you get better agreements for the U.S., but you also get to better agreements for everyone else."

Lisa Davis, Siemens Corp. USA

"It's important we modernize NAFTA by preserving the good parts and bringing it in to the 21st Century."

David Abney, UPS

"We have the opportunity here to create a framework of rules that makes trade cheaper, safer and faster. Which is definitely good for American businesses and American consumers."

Andrew Liveris, Dow

"What we hope is going to happen is that we upgrade NAFTA to modern standards because of course standards have changed. That is what we should be doing with NAFTA."

Evan Greenberg, Chubb

"NAFTA is good for our country. Economically it creates jobs. It improves our competitive profile. And it lowers the cost to consumers. I could think of no better strategy to improve our competitive profile in the world today where more countries are competing against us than to have NAFTA."

NAFTA and Jobs in Your State

An analysis conducted by Trade Partnership Worldwide, LLC finds international trade supports 36 million – nearly 1 in 5 – U.S. jobs, with 11 million of those jobs supported by trade with Canada and Mexico. Interact with the map below to find out how many jobs in your state, along with other economic benefits, are supported by trade with our NAFTA partners. Use these links to learn how a NAFTA termination would impact jobs and exports, and also how international trade supports jobs and economic growth in every state.

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Jobs Supported by Trade with NAFTA Partners

Exports to NAFTA Partners

Imports Used as Inputs by U.S. Producers

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